Who I Am

Code of Ethics:

Tarot readers are often times viewed as a gypsy or fake psychics. The crystal ball, palm reading, and contacting your dead relative are what we see in the movies. Certainly, there are readers out there in the world who are less than ethical, demand high prices for guaranteed results, and more. Unfortunately, this sours the reputation of the rest of the readers who are ethical, truthful, and professional. Authenticity is important when choosing a reader – do you feel comfortable? Is your reader’s intention coming from a heart-centered perspective? This is important to build a relationship that creates an accurate and intuitive reading experience, for both parties.

Readings should be personalized and not necessarily built out of pulling generic card definitions from a book with no overall story to tell. One of the giveaways of an unprofessional reader is someone who uses a book to give you a reading by looking up each card as they go along. They are not ready for paid readings, and should continue to practice until the process becomes intuitive and natural. A gentle experience in which the reader and the client feel a connection is the ideal scenario.

Boundaries are also important. Personally, I do have certain boundaries when it comes to giving a reading – I will not tell you anything about your future spouse or children, anything related to death, and serious legal issues such as child custody, divorce, and criminal activity. It is not my place to advise the reader on any of these subjects. I will also not provide a cold reading via email – I am an emotional empath and my abilities work best by either hearing your voice on the phone, or a face-to-face meeting. I hold an ethical code that follows a sense of honor and soul purpose – today’s healing and today’s issues can be worked on for a better future.

Spiritual Path:

I am a priestess of the Goddess, a solitary practitioner with experience working in a temple.  I am a natural emotional intuitive tarot reader for the last 20 years. My work with tarot deepened in 2007 when I began my priestess path and it is now my calling and life’s work to help others heal and gain a better perspective. I can channel information through my guides during these readings. It is useful to the client for making decisions, healing, and improving relationships. I want to make it clear that I am not strictly Wiccan, but an eclectic pagan. This means I pull my practice from a variety of sources without conforming to a specific path, allowing for a sense of openness for new ways of practice and divinity.

Shadow Healing:

I would like to clarify my personal perspective on healing the shadow. Like many others, my foundation years were torn by a tragic family situation that brought out the worst of my personal demons. While I tried to keep it at bay when I was younger, it was still there through my mid-twenties. I was literally head-to-head with my own shadow, and the path to healing was still unclear. These years were some of the most difficult and transformative years of my life. I would not recommend traveling this path unless you are ready to encounter the shadows you hide. My path calls me to help others awaken to their awareness of the true self.

I was brought to a goddess temple for the divine feminine in 2006. I started my priestess path at this temple, and consequently burned through many of the blocks I had been experiencing in a profound way – ritual, ceremony, self-honor, self-acceptance, forgiveness, and feminine empowerment. Sacred rage fueled my hunger to heal, and forgive both myself and others. It allowed me to burn through years of trauma in a short period of time, seeing everything clearly for what it truly was. Most of all it led me on the path to self-forgiveness and acceptance.

Educational Background:

I have an Associates and Bachelors of Arts degree in Psychology with a minor in Business Administration. I earned my Masters in Business Administration (M.B.A) in 2008. I then completed my second masters in Post-secondary and Higher Education (M.ED.), which is related to my daytime career in Higher Education Administration.