The Chariot (7) – Major Arcana

The Chariot – our hero king seems to know where he is going and is on his way, his ego in a hubris state; he has yet to discover his humility. He is elevated above others, commanding attention. The vehicle represents power with which he rides out to reach his potential and discover limitations. The Chariot “carries us home”; it is a vehicle for our self-discovery through other people and the challenges of our environment.

And yet, this journey is risky in terms of disorientation; that is, being a stranger in a strange land brings about either the discovery of who he really is or the experience may destroy him. He will need help to be successful by seeking council from others, personal courage, awareness, and strength. The degree to which one can interact and assimilate experiences in new, strange lands is the key.

This individuation process is carried in the heavenly powers of the chariot itself. It connects man with God. The two animals pulling the chariot, of which their two-toned colors add variety to our lives and also polar (positive vs negative) energies. They have no reigns and the king must keep his equilibrium to remain in control, which is symbolized by the four posts on his caravan.

Psychologically, the secret is this: “each of us has a ‘chariot’ available for use”, and it is waiting for us when we are ready. In reality, we do this already – we are tuned into our destiny, as he neither drives nor is driven by his chariot. The seed for growth is there. He connects to a larger destiny with his personal fate.

Source: Jung and Tarot: An Archetypal Journey, by Sallie Nichols