The Lovers (6) – Major Arcana

This card looks romantic at first glance, however is also represents the challenges we face at the crossroads. Choosing a partner, and an either-or choice. What do you sacrifice in order to make the right and higher choice? The lovers swell in pleasure, however it is a road that detracts from one’s spiritual growth. As one matures, the call for spiritual bliss strengthens. While the two persons on the card are complementary opposites, yin and yang, the picture is not perfect. Choices must be made on a higher vibration. Make the right commitments when facing the world and its dilemmas with feet planted in everyday reality. This is symbolic of becoming one’s own man, freeing himself from the regressive pull and enter into manhood. However, the divine force is at work which influences decision-making, lighting the emotional fire to set everything in motion.

The Lovers card is one of Ego, marked with a challenge into initiation – the connection of a spiritual to an emotional life. This is the bridge for creating new relationships with others (external), a new harmony (internal). Eros’ (the divine force) fire upsets old patterns to make way for new life to come, the Great Work of Transcendence. Love’s deep experience initiates this search of individuation. This is because our development is sparked by the involvement of the heart, appearing as Fate or Destiny. Love’s arrow is also a kind of death of the ego, marking the new path of Transcendence.

Source: Jung and Tarot: An Archetypal Journey, by Sallie Nichols