The Hierophant/Pope (5) – Major Arcana

Two men are kneeling in front of the Pope, they are men of the cloth. They are dedication to Spirit. The central figure is the Pope – he strives for connection with God and the quest to find meaning. He merges both the masculine and feminine elements from a Jungian perspective. He gives access of the transcendental world to man via intuition, the face of God and representation on Earth. His wisdom consists of the collective values to guide others along their way. He is infallible and spiritual law.

His right hand is extending two fingers, which represent the good and evil moral issue. The hidden figures represent the Trinity as a holy mystery as an emotional examination. In this sense, the mystery is in the palm of his hand, concealed. His staff is sacred trust, and mortal temptations do not affect him. His dominion holds over three worlds – spirit, body, and soul. He rules from the heart rather than force. The kneeling figures are twins, which symbolize the duality of life. They come to the Pope for guidance and bow to his authority. He embodies both salutary and destructive powers – the governed spiritual welfare versus a devilish shadow (a “horned” shadow).

The number 5, which symbolized the four elements of creation, through the One of spirit (man). It is the number associated with humanity (5 senses, and 5 fingers and toes on each limb). It is considered a masculine number and caries a special valence of the spirit.

Psychologically, the Pope aspects a savior. He is the salvation of human consciousness and the dialogue between Ego and his own archetypal womb and identity, as related to the blind power of his instincts. Without this interaction, mankind’s consciousness and spirit will never evolve and mature.

Source: Jung and Tarot: An Archetypal Journey, by Sallie Nichols