The Magician (1) – Major Arcana

The Magician is one of my favorite cards of the major arcana. The Magician wields his power in a controlled manner. He is ready for anything. The infinity sign constitutes his mind, which is ever-flowing with no beginning and no end. His higher hand is ready to bear his next action, and his lower hand is grounding. His power is on display, it is an external effort for others to see. The monkey is a trickster, so the power must be wielded properly with good intention. His table has all four elemental arcana symbols (wand, cup, pentacle, sword), which are his tools to draw his power.

Jung saw the Magician as a “sign of force, stability, and self. He has all the symbols before him”. This is very much in line with the traditional meaning of this card – the self is the infinity sign over his head, force is the higher hand wielding the wand, and the stability is his controlled manner of wielding his power using the lower hand to ground himself.


Jung and Tarot: An Archetypal Journey, by Sallie Nichols