The High Priestess (2) – Major Arcana

The High Priestess is a card representing the mysterious realm of inner-feminine wisdom, of a state of knowing. Intuition is high, and hidden things can become visible. This is also an internal process of withdrawing into oneself for the purpose of sanctuary, healing, and dreaming. This taps into one’s internal power to harness into bringing intentions into the world in a focused manner.

Jung related this feminine mystique to childbirth and the divine spark of the womb-she becomes the vessel of transformation. This is a tremendous power the female holds in the world, spirit made flesh. She is the Yin to the Yang (The Magician). Her hands use the book of prophesy, and she accepts this as the Word with all of her being (commitment). Her tiara is significant of the number 3, for the 3 faces of Hecate. While her power is spiritual and instinctual, it also guards against threat (the crossroads of Hecate and her hounds). She is seated at a temple as the guardian. Essentially, she is a passive paradox. The moon is subtle power, as moon cycles control birth, growth, and decay.


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