The Empress (3) – Major Arcana

The Empress is set in a garden. Beautiful natural surroundings focus on gardening, working with plants, food, and personal enhancements. The Empress nurtures and is the picture of femininity. She embodies the creative life force and fruitfulness of the earth – essentially this breaks down to fertility (both human and creative). This fertility grows all things and harmonizes wholeness. In some cases this could indicate pregnancy or marriage; love and attraction. Beauty is the focus and fine things are appreciated.

 The Empress is the archetype of the mother, and also the lover. She is Venus or Aphrodite. This archetype focuses on embodying a person who values honor, love, protection, and principles. A man who draws this card may focus on the woman in his life (Jung’s Anima), and may also be taking on care taking or nurturing qualities. Projects are also expected to be completed successfully. A parent or executive may utilize this archetype embodying the values power and authority using harmony, interaction, and physical well-being. The same respect from others is expected.

Source: Jung and Tarot: An Archetypal Journey, by Sallie Nichols