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Each reading is unique. The card spread helps to narrow down the issue and explore possible outcomes and actions. I can help you gain perspective and make an action plan.


What does your heart want to tell you? Are you conflicted? This spread will explore what your heart needs and what you need to do for healing.


Feeling off balance is a challenging aspect of daily life. This spread explores each major part of your life and identifies the positive and negative influences at play. 


This spread is good for making decisions – anything which is split into two perspectives to consider. Action is the focus for manifestation.


What is coming up in the next year for you – career, love, health, and social life. Heathy persepctives are the catalyst for manifestation.

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I have known Erikah since 2007, and we bonded over our shared love of Tarot. Consequently, I have had hundreds of readings from her. Her intuition is always spot on, and through her I have learned her how to trust my own. She brings to her readings years of study of Tarot, Jungian archtype theory, and healing of the shadow side of the personality. Getting a reading from Erikah is one of the best gifts you can give to yourself, or to someone you care for.


Getting a reading from Erikah Jayne is a fantastic experience. She uses her amazing intuition, and when called for she will give the more literal meaning to the cards. When I received readings from Erikah she was able to pinpoint things she didn’t even know about. Getting readings from her has given me goosebumps and her attention to details when giving a reading is unsurpassed. I highly recommend getting readings from her, you will not be sorry.


If I could give Erikah more stars I would. I met her a few years ago, and something about her drew me in. And about three months ago, I had fallen across her Facebook, or Instagram page and found out that she reads cards.
Well of course, natural curiosity had me reach out and schedule an appointment. I was absolutely thrilled with the first reading and scheduled another one immediately after. Well let’s just say the second reading she gave me was the one that changed my life. I prepared me for what is about to come.
Cards pulled had mentioned me having to be faced with a decision and a choice that was going to be difficult but I had to take it. Well not even a week later I was faced with being unemployed. And I believe if I didn’t talk to Erikah I may be in a place so far away from where I am today. I’m in such a good place, and I am so grateful for her advice personally and for her talent. I’m at a new job and loving every day of it. And can’t wait to see what’s in the cards for my personal life. Though that is ever-changing.

Thanks Erikah!!!! You are amazing!!!


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